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В центре внимания монографии — проблема эволюции сельской семьи в экстремальных условиях социально-экономических трансформаций времен «перестройки» и..

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It is hoped that the book may be useful to the students, researchers and scientists of diverse section of personalities who are working, in various..

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Studying the population dynamics of the surf clams Donax hanleyanus and Mesodesma mactroides from exposed sandy beaches off Argentina, there were found..

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With urban experience (urbanism) considered integral to changing reproductive patterns, economic, resource access and ideational/innovation-diffusion..

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В монографии подробно рассматриваются долговременные тенденции смертности от внешних причин в контексте незавершенного эпидемиологического перехода в..

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What would the world look like if the 7 billion people on this planet were presented as 100 individuals? This beautifully illustrated and informative..

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The book covers the applied areas of demographics of fodder growers or cultivators and production of fodder which are becoming significant due to the..

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The student population in community colleges is growing rapidly and becoming more diverse. The culture composition of the student population in..

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Will Germany seize to exist and be populated by other countries because its population is shrinking constantly? Or will it develop to a home for old..

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Switzerland and Japan – both highly developed nations – are challenged by a historically unprecedented phenomenon – the phenomenon of a shrinking and..

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