Учебное пособие раскрывает основные темы педагогики. Изложение материала легко усваивается и быстро запоминается. Книга сэкономит вам время -..

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Revision with unchanged content. Only half of entering college students manage to finish their degree in a 5 year period, and of the remaining half,..

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Представленные в монографии материалы выстроены в логике становления открытого образовательного пространства и интеграции ресурсов региональной системы..

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As boys and girls prepare for their future roles through formal education they are faced with numerous challenges which reinforce them negatively and..

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As I was seeking a solution to help my students who were struggling with reading and writing, I found about the jolly Phonics method. I was so..

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Предлагаемое издание - продолжение инновационного проекта, осуществленного специалистами разных областей - лингвистики, методики преподавания,..

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This experiment study explores the implementation of scaffolding in enhancement of literacy learning in a post-graduate classroom setting. The purpose..

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This research document deals with the status of art in education in Pakistan and its impacts on child''''s development. Beside this it''''s..

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There is continued concern over the number of pupils who do not complete school and graduate. The dropout problem has persisted consistently for a..

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The demand for college continues to rise. However, there is a decline in graduation rates in most parts of the world. What is causing so many young..

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