Общественные и гуманитарные науки

Abstract: This study explores the media framing during the recent Egyptian revolution by Arab online print media. It compares the coverage of the..

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Revision with unchanged content. Newspapers which concentrate on their traditional information channels are faced with a decreasing readership. At the..

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Revision with unchanged content. Nigeria has acceded to several regional and international covenants promoting the rights and well-being of women. In..

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This research aims to determine the nature and scope of abuse and violence experienced by the children in child-headed families in Mashonaland East..

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This book presents the findings of a qualitative study examining needs of Chinese families with children with intellectual and developmental..

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Poverty is an extremely significant issue for Indian society with some estimates suggesting that up to 75% of the Indian population may be poor and..

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The study examined institutional repositories containing documents on women’s studies developed in India and Canada. The study first identified..

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Negative representations of issues and events in media may affect the behavior and attitude of children (Gail Rule, Ferguson, 2010:29–50). Several..

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This book examines whether the Child Support Grant is accessible and sufficient to generate the livelihoods of beneficiaries. It evaluates the impact..

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This book is mainly concerned on the Assessment of Safe City for Women and Vulnerable Groups in Addis Ababa. The study is intended to see intensively..

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