Общественные и гуманитарные науки

Poverty is a global problem which has been taking place across continents with different levels, and has become a major challenge for the development..

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Violence is common and associated with major physical and psychological impairment; it is a serious public health problem that affects the lives of..

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Research studies have shown that the caregivers of loved ones diagnosed with terminal illness face an emotionally and psychologically distressing..

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Road traffic crashes (RTCs) are the leading cause of premature deaths and disabilities among children globally.Traffic injuries can place considerable..

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The issue of prostitution is important in developing countries nowadays because it is one of the key social issue that has multiple faces that impacts..

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Revision with unchanged content. American cities have become sprawling automobile-oriented landscapes; thus many urban poor find themselves distant..

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By reference to three archetypical Victorian novels, I investigate in how far upper-middle-class female protagonists were particularly likely to be..

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Studying the population dynamics of the surf clams Donax hanleyanus and Mesodesma mactroides from exposed sandy beaches off Argentina, there were found..

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In the studies related to speech acts, refusals has been one of the most important sub-fields. Most research on refusals probes into the refusal..

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"The problems that have held you back are that too many resources are lost to corruption yet not a single high level official has been held to account...

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