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The closest point method was mostly used to solve differential equations on every type of surfaces, although it appeared that the closest point..

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This book describes about the QSAR studies of very prominent cancer target that is histone deacetylase inhibitors. Histone deacetylase is a protein..

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MRSA has been recognized as an increasingly important pathogen in both hospital and community settings worldwide. By far the most important reservoir..

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Nowadays, mobile has become very important part of our life. The reason behind that is it has advanced features. It has made the communication between..

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The properties of fundamental particles and their interactions are described by the Standard Model of Particle Physics. We use potential model to study..

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Over the years, a considerable body of research has accumulated on classification analysis, with its usefulness demonstrated in various fields,..

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The last few decades have seen a flurry of activity in the synthesis and development of Plant growth promoting bacteria and fungi and their consortia..

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This book describes an approach to automatically invent/explore new mathematical theories, with the goal of producing results comparable to those..

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Hit by the effects of deflation, Japanese business environment is witnessing now severe changes. In response to these changes, Japanese enterprises..

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Artemisinin derivatives effect on Schistosoma mansoni compared to Praziquantel as regard to Schistosomula stage, adult worms and Schistosomal fibrosis...

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