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This text book is on the Modern Poultry Production. The book has been published on the basis of detail lecture notes which have been crucial for..

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Detection, estimation and filtering of desired signal in the presence of noise are some of the most common and practical problems in the analysis of..

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Generally, transition in avoided crossing levels were used to study many phenomena like second order phase transition, singlet-triplet transition in..

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Governmental and private funding for research in many fields has resulted in a significant body of scientific evidence. Scientific evidence is made..

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The following material includes a review of thermal and distance metrology equipment, a description of shaping and preparing an aspherical mirror for..

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This work deals with some biosystematical studies on certain species of the family lamiaceae (Labiatae) in Egypt. A taxonomic revision of the genus..

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Near-Infrared (NIR) is a spectral component that is adjacent to the red color that ends at 700 nm. The NIR component follows from 700 nm up to 1100 nm...

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Processing of biomass derived feedstocks, particularly triglyceride-rich biomass in fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) units which have already built in..

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The general structure of the myosin filament has been known since the classical x-ray diffraction studies of Huxley and Brown (1963). However, one of..

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High-flux solar simulators are becoming standard tools for characterizing thermo-physical and -chemical properties of solar components and materials..

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