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In this book, the authors present in detail several recent methodologies and algorithms that they developed during the last fifteen years. The..

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The incorporation of functional ingredients in a given food system and the processing and handling of such foods are associated with nutritional..

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Geothermal Energy: Sustainable Heating and Cooling Using the Ground Marc A. Rosen and Seama Koohi-Fayegh, University of Ontario Institute of..

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This book highlights dynamic developments in polymer synthesis, focusing on synthetic techniques that yield new biomedically relevant polymers and..

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The aim of this study was to observe the mycelial growth optimization and exopolysaccharides production by using Response Surface Methodology..

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Processing firms have perceived that small and medium farmers are comparatively good on quality, quantity, price and time parameters if they deliver..

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Analytical instruments have become very important in analysis of so many substances, this book provides detailed steps in analytical procedures for..

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This book contains Concept of Numerical Analysis, The Sources and Propagation of Error, Computer Representation of Numbers, Sources of Error,..

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Bcl–2 gene family plays as important role in regulation of apoptosis.The cell proliferation / death balance is of most important in the development of..

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This study looked into the antifungal nature of Bacillus spp. Fungi was isolated from rotten yams and they were plated with Bacillus to observe the..

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