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Компьютерные сети

Since the beginning of Internet, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is the most used network protocol. For years, we know..

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This work examined the basic concept of GSM communication network as a new standard set by the European telecommunications standard institutes and as a..

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Computer Networking is an area which one cannot ignore. This book has been framed with lot of emphasize on practical learning. The book covers basics..

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In spite of its attractive features, the shift from “traditional” networking to Mobile Ad-hoc Networking gives rise to several challenging problems...

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The widespread deployment of MANET networks that employ IEEE 802.11 as the underlying technology has attracted a great deal of research attention in..

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VANET is current active research area and one of the fastest emerging trends for research as there are many issues and challenges to be addressed by..

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Revision with unchanged content. Network platform competition such as those between Microsoft Windows and Macintosh, between Blu-ray and HD-DVD, among..

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Revision with unchanged content. Recently the number of applications in the Internet which use data broad­casts, such as pay-per-view services, has..

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С появлением интернета вещей отношения умного дома с владельцем переходят на новый уровень - теперь контроллер, управляющий жилищем, может в любой..

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This book brings together a group of visionaries and technical experts from academia to industry to discuss the applications and technologies that will..

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